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Robert Weibold

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Olivier Duquesne

Olivier Duquesne is an independent automotive journalist working for the Moniteur Automobile and Radio Antipode. He is also President of the AJBA (Association of Belgian Auto-moto Journalists). As a university graduate (UCLouvain), he had a scientific formation before moving towards communication. He was very interested in the emergence of the Internet and specialized in automotive information on the web. As an automotive journalist, he has already been able to drive more than 1,000 different models of cars from the small electric city car of a few horses to the Danish hypercar of nearly 1,200 hp.

Robert Weibold

Robert Weibold is the founder and head of consulting company Weibold, focused exclusively on scrap tire recycling and pyrolysis. Weibold operates worldwide and helps customers successfully build and upgrade tire recycling and pyrolysis businesses.

The company was founded in 1999. Over the years, Weibold gathered an international team of experts and established a large professional network involving researchers, decision makers and authorities. Today, Robert Weibold maintains liaison with numerous industry players, including world’s leading innovators. This enables Weibold to receive first-hand information about markets, new products and innovative technologies in the field of tire recycling and tire pyrolysis.

Elia Boonen

Dr. Eng. Elia Boonen works as a researcher at the Belgian Road Research Centre (OCW-CRR-BRRC) where he coordinates the activities of the “Concrete Roads and Block Pavings” Team of BRRC. He is involved in various research projects concerning use of the material concrete in road infrastructure works, in close cooperation with road contracting companies and the government. He is currently also project leader of one of the Green.er-projects “Rubost”, focusing on applicability of rubber granulates from waste tires in concrete safety barriers.

Fouad Laoutid

Dr-HDR Fouad LAOUTID is the R&D Program Manager of the Polymeric & Composite laboratory of Materia Nova research Center. He is Vice-President of the French Chemical Society Group "Thermal degradation and fire behaviour of organic materials" since 06/2015.
He has over 21 years’ experience in polymer formulation of sustainable polymeric materials, including flame retardant compositions, biobased materials, (nano)composites, polymer blends and recycling.
He supervised various collaborative projects, industrial, national and European projects. He has more than 50 scientific publications, 5 book chapters and 7 patents.

Johan Blom

Johan Blom is doctor assistant at the University of Antwerp. He graduated in applied engineering at the “Industriële Hogeschool Antwerpen”. On 19 June 2015, he obtained his degree of doctor in the engineering sciences at the “Vrije Universiteit Brussel”. This PhD thesis dissertation was entitled “Textile reinforced calcium phosphate cement for composite moulds to process thermoplastics”. The PhD and the scientific work were supervised by MEMC Professor Jan Wastiels. This work presents an alternative tooling system based on a textile reinforced cement (TRC).

Olivier Prud'homme

Graduated as Civil Engineer in Mechanics in 1994 from FPMs (Polytech Mons) and EPFL (Lausanne) where he spent one year in Research after graduation.

He spent 9 years in engineering companies, from 1995 to 2004, successively with Fabricom Automation and Bertin Technologies, mostly in France, combining technical and commercial responsibilities towards large corporate customers.

He spent 5 years in rubber recycling industry at high management level. He developed an industrial process for used tyres recycling and new markets for applications like noise and vibration control, soft and shock absorbing flooring, anti-slip protection, ...

In 2009, based upon that past experience, he decided to start his own business with creating RubberGreen, which proposed a unique and global offer for rubber recycling issues (www.rubbergreen.eu).

Frederic Deborsu

As a moderator, Frédéric Deborsu will steer this Rubcycle in the right direction. As a journalist, he swam through all possible waters. He mainly made a name for himself with his often talked-about reports for "Question à la Une". But above all, he is primarily one of the few Walloons that is also popular in Flanders, among other things due to the often humorous chronicle about the relationships between the two language communities he and his brother Christophe provided on the Flemish public channel.