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An inspirational event on circular thinking, sustainable use of materials and field application of rubber crumb as a valuable material

The goal of this short but powerful event: We want to inform and inspire you!

Our planet bears down to the limits of its resilience. The call for a radical switch in the way we deal with our raw materials is increasing. Sustainable sourcing and environmental-friendly production should no longer be abstract ideas, but basic principles in innovative entrepreneurship.

With the GREEN.er fund, which was presented during the previous edition in 2017, we are supporting – in cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation – R&D efforts to diversify the outlets for raw materials from old tyres.

During the 2019 edition of Rubcycle, we will present the R&D-projects supported by this fund. "Local" and "circular" are the keywords.
The potential use of tyre-derived rubber in asphalt roads, in concrete guide constructions, in 3D-printing technology, as a new type of noise barriers, the possible industrialization of a process of devulcanization and revulcanization of rubber waste for tyres, …

The results are promising, we can already tell you that.

But we can also ask ourselves whether the production of new tyres and the recycling of old tyres are sufficiently aligned. The production, design and composition of new tyres has become a high-tech business. Fortunately. Or not? What is its influence on its recycling? We confront specialists from both sides - producers of new and processors of old tyres!

Come and discover the future of both new and old tyres during an inspiring event on circular thinking, sustainable and innovative use of materials and various applications for rubber from the recycling of old tyres.

Are you an entrepreneur, production or purchasing manager, involved in R&D-projects, principal or policymaker? Then don't miss out on the unique event, tailored to your needs.

Robert Weibold

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